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About Us...

Viridian Experience is a new method to Luxury Travel.  Our mission is clear, to offer our guests the most memorable vacations of their lives, period. These are lofty expectations that we do not take lightly.


The reason we set the bar so high is two fold: 


One - Unlike 99% of Luxury Travel industry, we own, maintain and operate our properties outright. Each of our luxury villas are built from the ground up in an attempt to best capture each individual destination. Providing our guests with world class residences is one thing, but opening the doors to the destination itself is what makes Viridian different. 

Two - All of our villas are fully staffed with our 'Viridian Family.' Emily and I have lived and operated luxury vacation rentals in Central America for nearly a decade now, and during this time we have assembled a truly remarkable team.  But don't take my word for it, please google Viridian Experience and browse the reviews. Our  Chefs, Hosts and Captains are all stringently vetted and trained. It is hard to put into words the impact a good Host can have on a family vacation, but the answer lies in providing extremely unique and tailored experiences to each one of our guests. This means whether you want to paddle board down a meandering jungle river,  play 18 holes of the finest Costa Rican Golf in the morning and surf Nicaragua's most famous point break in the afternoon, or just want to spend time with love ones in some of the most breathtaking corners of our planet.. .Give our team at Viridian Experience a chance to create something memorable for you and yours this year.

- Mat Wood, Founder






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Life is Short, Enjoy it Together
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