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Not Just Beachfront...

When most people think of Viridian Experience they imagine white sand

beaches, warm water, maybe a few monkeys and lush jungle. However, tucked in the Northern California Wine Country may just be the finest Estate in the portfolio. The High Rock Ranch Family Estate is 350 majestic acres out of an Architectural Digest Feature.

Built by the Wood Family in 2005, High Rock Ranch is a legacy project of sorts. In 1880 our great great grandfather Cornelius Daly left County Cork, Ireland in search of a better life. He eventually landed in San Francisco where he saved up the money to open Daly Brothers Dry Goods store in Eureka, California. An American Dream story, the one store grew to two and then eventually four. He began to envision a place where the entire family could spend summers together and in 1935, he purchased 300 acres of Redwood Grove and the 'Englewood Ranch' was born.

Growing up, we spent every summer at Englewood. Jumping out of the car and running up the long dirt driveway meant Summer had officially begun. We might as well have been Lewis and Clark exploring that seemingly endless grove. Year after year, Englewood brought us together as a family and when the time finally came to sell; the Wood brothers promised themselves the next generation would have a Ranch to grow and learn from just as they did.

Not a decade later and true to their word, High Rock Ranch was built. A far cry from the rustic red dance hall that was Englewood, High Rock Ranch was built on the same values that Cornelius acted on nearly a century ago - Family, Friends, and Fun.

From our family to yours, we invite you to experience our beloved High Rock Ranch.

- The Wood Family

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